Monday, June 9, 2008

My Destroying Angels...

So my kids may look cute, but...

In the last few days we have discovered the following items destroyed at their hands:

My paperback copy of Anne of Green Gables, yes the one I read repeatedly growing up. The cover and all the pages before the story actually begins were snipped into confetti by a safety-scissors wielding Renie.

My potted geraniums flanking the garage door. About 10 heads, full of buds, ripped from EACH pot.

A row of coral bells plants along the side of the garage. This was accomplished another day AFTER a strongly worded talking-to about not destroying Mommy's plants. The tops of the plants were ripped off and tossed to the wind.

My full-length mirror. Devon and Renie laid it on the floor and danced on it, shattering it. Luckily they danced on the back of it so they didn't fill their feet with glass. Just my carpet.

Our water bill. The kids turned on the hose, which has a nozzle on the end, and then left it on the ground. The nozzle being cheap, leaked all day. The entire backyard was soggy.

All the clothes they were wearing. On Saturday they managed to find a mud hole. They completely caked themselves with mud. There were globs in their hair and all over their clothes in addition to the mud mask on their arms and legs.

The lawnmower. Lincoln went out to the garage on Saturday to start the mower, only to discover that SOMEONE had cut the line to the pull-cord. It was just sitting there, unattached. This one is still a mystery.

And today is the first official day of summer break. This should be fun.


Jenn-Lee said...

Wow. Um, I'm speechless. All I have to say is,..molly, I'll pray for you.

Virginia Burnett said...

Cyclones of joy. All of them.

Send some to live with Auntie Luna for a few weeks this summer. My house is already trashed.

Longhurst Family said...

You could give them away? With stats like that you will not get any money for them. :)
We sure miss hanging out with you and Linc.

Elizabeth said...

Been there...the three year old in my house is in LOVE with scissors. But he'll use his hands if necessary...the peony's barely survived this year.
Came by from Suburban Correspondent...
Blessings, EJT

teri said...

I am so glad to hear that mine is NOT the only household to exist with these constant daily destructions! I guess I'll share mine as well, I always tried to keep it a secret. ;)
Good luck this summer! We miss you!