Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WARNING: This post is gross and humiliating for me- but funny

My husband will be mortified that I'm sharing this with the world. I''ll do it as delicately as possible.

So we went to Lake Michigan a couple weekends ago. When we arrived at the park I was in dire need of a bathroom. Anyone who knows me well probably knows that I occasionally have what we non-descriptively call "Bathroom Issues" in our home. This is especially true when I have eaten out or the deadlier combination, eaten out and am traveling. So when we arrived, I was feeling crampy and anxious to get to a restroom. Lincoln had to use the restroom as well so he went ahead to go before I got there. (This was not a lack of consideration, he knows I'm often in there for a while and he wanted to get in and out so he wouldn't have to wait.) When it was finally my turn I rushed in to find a typical disappointing park restroom. Dirty, small, scratched up mirror. I quickly scanned the three available options. One door was closed with an out of order sign, one was unflushed and nasty, and one was just park restroom dirty. I chose the last. I rushed in, closed the door, and got to business. I was in there for quite some time, interrupted a time or two by other ladies coming in to use the stall 2 doors down from me. Just as I was feeling able to wrap things up, Kennedy came in to see how I was doing. It was right about that time that I flushed. It didn't really go down so I flushed again. This time the water erupted up, splashing the seat, and then proceeded to rise steadily toward the rim. As it began to spill over the edge I made a run for it, narrowly escaping the flood waters. As I came screaming and running out of my stall Kennedy said, "That's why you weren't supposed to use it, Mom." Yes, sure enough, there was an out of order sign on that stall as well. I had missed it because the door was open and I was busy looking at the toilets, not the doors. So my question is-


So we made haste getting out of there- grateful that no one else was in the restroom at the time.


Virginia Burnett said...

I have nightmares about that sort of thing. They need to put a strip of CAUTION tape across the seat of the toilet or something.

The Blogger said...

No need to be embarrassed. For whatever reason, my best travel stories all have to do with the bathroom. It's true. I'll regale you with them next time we're together.