Thursday, June 5, 2008

How can I be productive?

If I sit downstairs at the computer, my kids will play happily in the basement. But as soon as I go upstairs to clean or do something productive, they follow me up and commence whining about everything they can think of. Especially if I'm doing something in the kitchen, they think if I'm there it must be time to eat something. Everyone is happier when I am being completely unproductive. Has anyone figured out how to keep their kids happily engaged without sitting at their side? Or do we all do our housework followed around by a trio of whiners?


jessica, jessie, or jessi said...

Count me in with the group that always does housework with a duo of whiners. :) (And can only get on the computer when said duo are napping)

WOW...I just read your last few posts and am AMAZED at the drama! You need a Discovery Health channel crew following you around! ;) Forget John & Kate+8, your family would be so entertaining to watch!! LOL!!

I have to admit that I totally tearboxed when you wrote about how Kennedy refused to let go of you during the storm and you started wondering when she'd gotten so big... It's TRUE - they grow so fast! But it was so sweet that she still needed her mom..

Sorry about the puke-fest! There is NOTHING worse than puke in the carseat! LOL! Especially in the cracks! I hope your home remains puke-free from here on out!

Virginia Burnett said...

I do housework with my little cyclone of joy on my heels. He undoes everything accomplish. Therefore, I have stopped cleaning. It's just not worth it.

Teri said...

Now you ask the question "do we all do our housework followed by a trio of whiners?" this is the are assuming that we all are actually DOING housework. Ah ha! I have figured out that life is much happier when the home is messier and therefore choose to live in what currently resembles a very high class pig sty. ;)