Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another fun kid project...

Yesterday we had a snow day. We had a winter storm come through that dropped about a foot of snow on us. Of course with the drifting that is so common in WI it was much deeper in spots (like our sidewalk and the area right in front of the garage door). The kids got a day off from school and we all got to sleep in a bit. The rest of the day I spent making Christmas candy ( and shoveling). The kids wanted to be involved, of course, so I had a project all ready for them. They dipped holiday shaped pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles- a perfect way for kids to contribute to the goodie making.

In the evening Lincoln and I went to a super fun Christmas party. There was lots of good food, a fun white elephant gift exchange, games and fantastic company. We are so grateful to have lots of great friends here in our tiny little town. What a blessing!

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