Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another snow day...

This time from church. It snowed again yesterday evening- big soft flakes. It was really a gorgeous evening. Lincoln and the kids played outside for quite a while. He built them a snow fort yesterday, as well as a snow couch and a snow maze around the front yard.

Sorry, no pictures of the maze. That happened later in the evening and I was too busy to come out and snap photos. Now the drifting snow has filled it all in, much to the dismay of Lincoln and the kids.

But the wind picked up in the night and the temperature plummeted.

(This weather board is brought to you courtesy of the Waterfall Family blog. I have yet to successfully copy a weather board from weather[dot]com to my blog.)

So with drifting snow and dangerous windchills the decision was made to cancel church today.

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Audrey said...

wow, wish we had that kind of snow, but just for a month.:0) hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.