Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wanna See Some Christmas?

Eating Christmas Eve goodies. I tend to make enough for an army.

Jesse wasn't really cooperating at stocking hanging time.

Renie was into it though!

Devon was so excited about Christmas this year. He had a calendar hanging on the fridge and the first thing he did every morning was cross off another day and count how many days were left until Christmas.

Julia hanging her stocking.

Kennedy stuck a secret note for Santa in her stocking this year and wouldn't let us read it.

Mommy and Daddy even get to hang stockings, though we fill each other's.

All ready for Santa.

Mom and Dad got to stay up late and watch It's A Wonderful Life. We tried to watch lots of Christmas movies this year and we really enjoyed it.

Here comes the crew up the stairs Christmas morning!

Santa brought lots of snow toys this year. 2 snowtubes, a double sled, snowball makers, a snowboard, and molds for making snow bricks. We tried everything out the day after Christmas on Killer Hill. Renie could really fly on the snowtubes, Kennedy is going to pick up snowboarding pretty quickly, I think, Devon and I did a major head over heels biff on the hill resulting in a slightly bloody lip for Devon, Julia proved to be pretty fearless, Lincoln tried his luck at snowboarding, and even Jesse enjoyed flying down the hill with Mommy on a the double sled.

Jesse was pretty convinced the snowtubes were his personal thrones.

Jesse is pretty obsessed with Thomas right now.

We got Devon an electric train, Aunt Chrissy got him these cardboard building bricks. They work well together.

Here Jesse is reading the instructions to Wig Out, a fun card game we got for the kids.

Lincoln and the kids playing one of our new games.

Jesse playing with Thomas.

Another fun Christmas for the Tatro family. Vacation has been pretty low-key and very enjoyable. It helps that we got lots of new movies!

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merathon said...

i love your little stocking hanger plaque! what a cute idea. it's so fun seeing your family growing up!