Saturday, December 20, 2008

For Jenn-Lee

My dear friend Jenn-Lee over at Moments posted this recently on her blog. If you're too lazy/busy to click the link, she talked about how nice she thinks it is for us housewives to take an extra minute before our husbands come home to make ourselves look, and this is her word, hot. You know, fix our hair, put on some nice clothes, maybe put on some heels, freshen our makeup and generally look appealing and welcoming to our husbands. She also mentions having a nice dinner ready and the house clean. In the comments I joked about my husband having to choose- hot wife, nice meal, or clean house. So, lest my dear Jenn-Lee thinks that my poor deserving husband is neglected, I thought I would share with her what I did for my husband before he came home yesterday.


No, we do not have a snowblower. That's the handiwork of my sweat and muscles. (I also did the end of the driveway that the snowplow had filled and the area around our mailbox. Why yes, that is 2 feet of snow.)
So see Jenn-Lee? I do things for him. We just all do things in our own way.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

(okay, your auto play music totally startled me!)

Ha,ha. Good for you. I'd have to say that my husband gets FOUR choices: hot wife, clean house, nice dinner or "you get what you get and don't thow a fit." Choice D usually wins.

Virginia Burnett said...

Ya - that whole making yourself hot and the house tidy for the man when he gets home thing lasted oh . . . about negative 5 years in our marriage. The fact that I was working 50+ hours a week and he was a student when we got married probably contributed to my disinclination to fit into the June Cleaver mold.

Jenn-Lee said...

I love it! Good for you! There is one thing that is so great about guys, when we do things like that, they think we are hot. Good for you for welcoming him home so nicely. I am sure he loved it! Loved this post! Thanks!