Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally, it begins...

We've been eating lettuce since my return from NY, but today I picked the first handful of peas and a couple beans. Next week I will be in the bean business for sure. We also have lots of green tomatoes plumping up on the vine, and the green onions and dill are coming beautifully. The squash plant has a big beautiful blossom and the peppers are really holding their own. The carrots are lush and full, hopefully pushing their woody roots deep into the soil. Kennedy's cabbage is filling in nicely and spreading its huge leaves to the sun. Unfortunately, the cucumbers didn't come this year. I threw in another desperate late planting in hopes that maybe something will come. We'll see. The basil didn't take either. I replanted that in a container on the deck. If I am able to can a decent amount of beans and tomatoes I will consider the garden a success.

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