Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tee Ball

Devon started tee ball at the beginning of June. He went a couple times and then we left on vacation. We were gone for two weeks, then the next week was the 4th of July so there was no tee ball. So three weeks went by with no opportunity to play with the team. By the time he got to go back, he was suffering from severe anxiety about the whole thing. He didn't want to go because he said he didn't know how to run around the bases. We made him go but he refused to play. Lincoln finally got him out on the field but he wouldn't do anything. A ball literally rolled up and stopped against his foot and he wouldn't bend down and pick it up. So that week we practiced. We played tee ball for Family Home Evening on Monday. We reviewed how to run the bases, how to field the ball, what to do with the ball after you get it, how to hit the ball off the tee. And we bribed him with Wii privileges and the chance to open another of his Dad's Lord of the Rings action figures if he would play on Saturday. He played. AND he had fun.

I think he is sufficiently comfortable now to finish out the season without any problems. Of course, we only have two more games, but whatever.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

It cracks me up the things that my kids get anxiety about. Clinging to my legs at swimming lessons, but giggling and cooperating at a kidney ultrasound at the hospital. Weird. Seriously, what's the worst thing that could happen at a tee ball practice? I guess they know.

Kennedy said...

he looks excited.

chari said...

Go Dev! Come play with my boys!!! :)