Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Fourth of July

We had a pretty low-key Fourth this year.
We had just returned from vacation (a future post) the night before at around 12:30. Lincoln had a baseball game to attend in Chicago on Saturday at noon. The kids and I had gotten the ticket for Father's Day. We thought it would be fun for him to go to a baseball game (Cub/vs Brewers) at the Skybox on Sheffield at Wrigley Field on the 4th of July since the rest of the family would be in NY without him. Then, at the last minute, vacation plans changed. No longer would he be joining us the first week and coming back to WI the second week, he decided to stay in WI the first week and join us in NY the second week. We already had the ticket purchased, so we had to leave NY a couple days earlier than planned and have Lincoln turn around and drive back to Chicago 12 hours after driving through on the trip home. ANYWAY, Lincoln was gone most of Saturday to the game. We puttered around here, unpacking, washing laundry, and cooking a picnic dinner for the evening. Lincoln got home just in time for dinner. We had yummy baked chicken, pasta salad, and red white and blue cheesecake. We thought we might go to see some firework in the evening, but decided we would rather watch and movie and stay close to home. So we fired up some sparklers at dusk

and then were happy to discover the neighbors had fireworks. They actually put on a pretty good show and the kids really enjoyed it.
After the fireworks, we lit up the red, white, and blue star lights, recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and marched around the living room waving little flags and singing The Star-Spangled Banner. Even that much left us with no time for a movie. It was simple, quiet, and patriotic.
Just right for our little family this year.

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