Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gymnastics Camp

Julia and Renie recently completed a week of gymnastics camp. The summer recreation programs are fantastic here. They offer so many activities from swim team to volleyball to tee- ball and gymnastics. It's only $10 for a camp, with a family maximum of $50 dollars. So even if all five of my kids each did two activities it would only cost us $50. This year I signed Devon up for tee ball and gymnastics, Renie for tee ball and gymnastics, Julia for gymnastics and dance, and Kennedy for softball, gymnastics, volleyball, and dance. All for $50. Of course, Kennedy will only end up doing Volleyball and dance because of her vacation to NY. Devon refused to go to gymnastics. Julia told him he had to do the splits and he was way too nervous about that to even go give the camp a try. But Renie and Julia loved it and did great.

On the last day of camp, they do kind of an open gym thing. Spectators can come down onto the floor and watch the kids up close. They can go around to whatever station they want to. Friends and family are invited to join in as well. Devon had a lot of fun trying out the equipment in the low-pressure situation. Maybe next year he will actually participate in the camp. Carson and Brandon, the two boys I babysit, got in on the action as well. And of course, Chrissy was not to be left out. She had fun walking the low balance beam.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Right now I'm feeling REALLY jealous of that $50 family plan. I just paid $100/EACH for a dumb 1 week, morning sports camp.

merathon said...

all that for $50? i wonder how they can afford to make their camps SO cheap! we have to pay $125 per child for a M-F 8-1 gymnastics camp at the harris Y.

Kennedy said...

they look like they had fun! kennedy