Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lest anyone think after my last post that I didn't have any fun in NY...

We spent a day in Lake Placid with Lincoln's Mom and step-dad. We rode the gondola up Little Whiteface, visited the spot where Lincoln and I got married, ate at Tail O' The Pup, and took lots and lots of nice pictures.
On Whiteface

At our wedding spot

In the gondola

We also spent an afternoon with Lincoln's dad, having a picnic in the park, ice cream at Dairy Queen, and fun on yet another playground.
Julia found lots of clam shells along the riverbank

Renie and Daddy engaged in swordplay

We spent an evening going through stuff that belonged to my grandmothers. The later it got, the sillier it got. Here Uncle Al is dazzling in some of Grandma's old jewelry.

One afternoon we went fishing with a pile of aunts and uncles and cousins.
Here Trenton is fishing below St. Regis Falls. The rivers in NY are spectacular. That's something I miss.

Julia managed to snag the tree here. We had a lot of fun though, and I thought the red boots were a striking dash of color in the photo.

The kids spent lots of time down by the brook. Here's Jesse and cousin Truman doing some fishing.

And of course, on the rare days that we had sunshine, there was fun in the pool.

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