Monday, January 21, 2008

Are you cold yet?

So we had our first stretch of sub-zero weather this past weekend. That is what I've been dreading. Snow doesn't bother me, in fact, I rather enjoy it. But windchill of nearly 30 below? Not so much. We holed up this weekend, staying inside and watching movies. I did have to go out grocery shopping on Saturday. At one o'clock in the afternoon it had warmed up to a balmy 9 below zero. I had to stop for gas too. I didn't fill the tank, just $35 worth, but in that amount of time the cold had seeped right through my gloves and my fingers were getting pretty cold. Saturday night was the coldest. We watched Kennedy's friend that evening and when her Dad came to pick her up at 10pm it was unbelievably cold. When we opened the front door the warm air billowed out in a big puff. Our garage was completely frosted over on the inside when we got up for church on sunday. Cold cold cold and stinking cold. It's the first time this winter that I've thought longingly of NC and the 30 degree weather that's considered really cold there.
My darling son bit me yesterday. While nursing. In his defense, it was not with malicious intent. He was in his high chair methodically refusing all the food we put in front of him. It was all his usual favorites- crackers, fruit, cereal- when it occurred to me that when he does that it means all he wants is Mama Milky. So I pulled him out of his high chair and plopped down on the couch with him. He immediately got excited when I started fussing with my shirt, wiggling all over and wagging his fingers around. So excited, in fact, that he forgot to finish the cracker in his mouth- until he tried to nurse and it was in his way. THEN he tried to chew it up. I yelled. He cried. I bled, and nearly cried. I declared he was officially at that moment weaned. I skulked off to nurse my wounds (pun totally intended) and he went back to eating crackers. I didn't nurse him on that side the rest of the day. This morning I woke up leaking milk, engorged, and freakishly lop-sided. With great fear and trembling I allowed him to nurse on that side and happily did not experience anything more than mild discomfort which subsided once my breast was no longer melon sized. So all is well again in our nursing world. See those chompers?!
Don't worry, I'll spare you a picture of the wound.

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Terri_B said...

Oh Molly I feel your pain! I have had a few of those terribly painful wounds in my nursing days. I'm so sorry. Glad that it's feeling better now! Only a few weeks till he's one right?? Is that when you stop?