Monday, January 7, 2008

Then one foggy Christmas Eve...

So I've got to share this. I now know why Santa was so worked up on that foggy Christmas Eve. We have been buried under a deep fog for a couple days. In fact, the day we left for NY it was unbelievably foggy too. That evening we drove for six hours and the fog didn't let up at all. It's very disorienting and isolating. Anyway, I went out today and snapped some pictures. I hope you can get the idea from these. I'll post them with some pictures of a clear day

These are taken looking in the same direction from our deck. If you look closely you can see how it lines up by the evergreen trees.

These are looking directly across the street.

Some general back yard pictures. The one immediately above is our neighbors directly behind us.

Another back yard shot and one looking down our street. Amazingly, I looked out the window a few minutes ago and I think it's a little worse. I can barely see our back door neighbors now. On the way home from church yesterday in this, we saw a police car pulled over with lights flashing and flares lit and I could barely make out another set of lights just beyond. Apparently there had been an accident but we couldn't see anything. The officer was out of his car to direct traffic and he was barely visible, and that only when you were practically on top of him. Luckily we were turning ten feet before the cop and we didn't have to make our way through whatever was happening.

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