Friday, January 11, 2008

Yup... It's winter

It's January in Wisconsin. After a bit of a January thaw which left patches of bare ground everywhere, it began to snow again yesterday afternoon. So our house looks like this again and our view out back looks like this. What? You're sick of seeing pictures of snow?! Try living in it! Actually, I'm very much still enjoying it. Kennedy, on the other hand, announced yeasterday that she is not going outside again until summer. Other than her three recesses at school. And when the next door neighbor wants to play Slay the Mighty Dragon. (Seriously, that's what they call it--I love it.) I knew that this would be the time we'd have to get very creative- When Christmas is over and there are still 3 1/2 months of winter left! Time to get a pass to the VERY small but fun indoor waterpark nearby. Time to get over to the Lands End fitness facility more often. Time to try out our new secondhand skis. Time to go sledding and skating. Time to have a party.

On another note, Devon asked me for a drink a few minutes ago. Me: Where's your cup? Devon: I don't know. Me: Well you had one. Where did it go? Devon: I dis-dappeared it.

Too funny!

This has been the longest week ever. Between the fog early in the week and Lincoln being sick it has seemed eternal. Not to mention we haven't had any "disposable" income this week so I couldn't go shopping and Devon's preschool class doesn't start up again until next week so I didn't have my exercise class to attend. TGIF! I need to paint something.

Our basement/family room/playroom area is a disaster area. I said to Devon yesterday, "This place is a mess! I'm sick of it. Why don't you clean up your toys down here today?" Devon: "Nah. That's hard work!" It's nice to see we're teaching him about having a good work ethic. Of course, I can relate. Cleaning the playroom is a thankless job. It gets trashed again so quickly. It's easy to adopt the What's the Point? attitude. Lincoln uses that attitude regarding bathing the dog. She'll just get dirty again. Thankfully he doesn't feel the same way about bathing himself.

So Happy January Blahs. I'll keep you posted on our cure for them! I'm sure with Lincoln feeling better the blahs will be banished.

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