Monday, January 14, 2008


So I know this won't be the most exciting news or enjoyable read you'll have today, but I'm going to share anyway.

It's official- Devon now poops in the potty!!! It will soon be a year now that he's been peeing in the potty, but he had major fears about pooping. He was caught up in the cycle of needing to poop, worrying it would hurt, holding it, finally pooping, and yup! it hurt because he had held it for so long. That would just confirm his fears so the cycle would be perpetuated. Anyway, he seems to have finally decided that using the potty is OK. Even without rewards/bribes. Hooray!

To top off that exciting news, Renie peed in the potty this morning! Oh glorious day! She's been sitting on the potty now and then for quite a while now but without success. Today she finally figured out how to release. Can you imagine if I was down to just ONE KID IN DIAPERS soon? Ok, ok. Let's not count chickens yet (remembering it was almost a full year between Devon's first pee and complete potty competence), but it's fun to fantasize! (Girls are easier, right?) Anyway, think positive thoughts for me.

So I mentioned in my last post that Kennedy was not going outside til summer. The next day...

I also mentioned the January Blahs. Don't worry, they seem to be heading out the door. We went to the pool friday night. Everyone had fun, even Jesse. He just floated around in his spring float thing and chewed on rubber duckies. Kennedy practiced her backstroke and Julia got braver about going in water over her head. Devon and Renie mastered their floaty suits (no arm rings!) and were able to be mostly independent. Now tomorrow we start back up with preschool and exercise class. I think I might actually start to feel like I'm back in the groove.

We'll see what this week brings...

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Terri_B said...

MOLLY!!! I'm so glad that you have a blog too! Now I won't lose track of you.

I've totally lost track of Jenn and Dawson :( Where are they now?

I'm looking forward to lots more posts of your BIG adorable family. WOW!! You only had Kennedy the last time that I saw you. SO much has changed... For the better of course!

I'll be checking in on you often!