Monday, January 28, 2008

Not just another weekend...

With the passing of President Hinckley suddenly the weekend became unlike all the others. I've prepared myself for this for a while. Seriously, every time I would listen to him speak I would think, "I will be so sad when he leaves us!" But I was not as sad this morning when I got the news as I thought I would be. I was disappointed that I would not have the pleasure of learning at his feet any longer, but I found myself immediately thinking of what a happy leg of the journey this must be for him. How wonderful to be reunited with his wife and to get a break from the hard work and travel involved in presiding over the Lord's Church. As with most twenty and thirty somethings, I have felt like he was My Prophet. President Kimball was the first I remember hearing at Conference, but President Hinckley was the first I listened to, learned from, served my mission under, and looked to for guidance in raising my family. His place in the church will be filled, but not the place he holds in my heart.

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