Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

So it just keeps coming. School let out early today because the roads are terrible. Actually, the snow is stopping now and the sun is coming out-great timing. All morning it snowed big fluffy flakes that accumulated pretty quickly and left the roads a mess. Our friendy neighbor came and plowed our driveway with his 4 wheeler plow (benefits of bringing the neighbors Christmas goodies- our other neighbor snowblows our driveway for us. Our other neighbor that I sent goodies to is always out at 11pm shoveling his driveway so I guess he doesn't have the equipment. Maybe he'll weed my garden this summer?!) Devon and Renie had class today, which means I got to go to my exercise class. I love the class and I love feeling muscles that have been dormant for years! Unfortunately my leg with the DVT still isn't up to par. The clot resticts circulation so my leg gets very heavy feeling and intense workout burn. I'm no doctor but I assume that with restricted blood flow the wastes aren't removed as efficiently from that leg so the burn builds up. It's frustrating because running is one of my goals this year and my right leg does fine. I even feel like my lungs can handle it, but DANG that left leg. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill alternating 2 minutes running 1 minute walking during our class. There's this guy who runs at the gym (he's a stay at home dad and his daughter is in Devon's class) during the 2 hour preschool class. He runs the entire 2 hours. Fast. It's amazing to me, and a little sickening. When I "run" on the track he laps me. Sometimes twice on one of mine. Ugh! I've got a long way to go.
Here's what i tell myself to make me feel better-
He runs marathons. He's been training and running for years. You've been having babies. And blood clots. And frozen custard. Am I the only one who haughtily claims the rigor of pregnancy and childbirth is equal to that of climbing a mountain! or running a marathon! or pedaling around the entire world-twice! but hasn't even convinced themself? That's OK. I think there are a few men out there that have been duped by this. They don't dare dispute it- how could they possibly know? If they argue it they will be at the mercy of their wife's raging hormones. It's safer to agree and accept that there is no earthly way for them to ever really be sure. Said wife certainly seems to be tired. And is quite often short of breath. And apparently she hurts everywhere. And she has to completely wake up and call for a forklift if she wants to change positions in the night. Those things certainly seem like by-products of some extreme physical activity. So they begrudgingly believe. Except my husband. You see, I've had pretty easy pregnancies. Not to mention an aversion to being wimpy about it. So I never complained throughout my whole first pregnancy. The problem with that is that during subsequent pregnancies when I did have the occasional bout of discomfort in the form of a pinched sciatic nerve or exhaustion or some such thing, my husband didn't buy into it so much. But how did we get here?
As a result of those 5 babies it seems I get around to showering at weird times. Like now. It's 2:30 and i haven't showered yet. Luckily my big girls are home from school and they can watch the little ones while I grab a much-needed shower. I think I will indulge.

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