Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daylight savings...

Saving my sanity, that is. Granted, getting up has been a bit difficult, but it is sooooo wonderful to have the daylight longer in the evening. My kids were able to stay out playing last night until almost 7:00, and it wasn't dark yet when they came in. Lincoln can work until 7pm and it doesn't feel like it's the middle of the night when he gets home. I've noticed that winter is very quietly melting away. It's very subtle, there are no rushing streams of melting snow. It's been just a little bit above freezing, so the snow just seeps down into the earth and I look out and realize that I can see a little more of my flower bed. Won't the slow seeping help ward off drought this summer too? So no bursting blossoms or vibrant green grass, it'll be a while before that happens, but I'm enjoying the gradual emergence of bare ground. We also have a storm door on our house. I've never had a storm door but have always wanted one. It's so nice to be able to open the main door and let the warm sunshine flood our home. My kids enjoy it too. This is after school snack time.

When the kids come in from playing and they are chilled through, they, of course, like to have a cup of hot cocoa. Devon was so cute with his cocoa the other day that I snapped a few photos of him.

And Jenn-Lee, I've been fighting the urge to buy fresh flowers for a month and a half now, but after your post I've decided to go ahead and splurge tomorrow when I go to the store! Thanks! Fresh flowers are so springy and cheerful. (Plus this is an indulgence that would be beneficial to my body and state of mind, rather than the Cadbury Mini Eggs that call to me from around every corner in the store this time of year.)

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Jenn-Lee said...

Hey Molly! I have been so out of the bloggin world lately. Just caught up on your blog. whew! I love these pics of Devon. I love close up pics of little ones. It is so cute! I hope spring gets to you before May! I hope you are all doing well! I loved Julias' dance video too! So cute! Daniel and I both watched it and it made me want to get my butt in gear and get my little Olea signed up for dance! Anakha-Marie can shake it but Olea really loves to dance like a ballerina! So fun!! I also love your pretty spring header photo! Great idea!
I will be in touch better! I have been super busy lately with a few projects I'll have to tell you about sometime.
LOve ya girl!