Thursday, March 13, 2008

The singing of birds...

Today it is 45 degrees and I can hear birds singing. I have missed birds. Behind the fitness facility at Lands' End there is now a big patch of bare ground. Today I saw about 7 robins hopping around there getting some grub. This nice weather (above freezing) is supposed to last through next week, which is nice since it will be spring break. You know, it's nice for spring break to be springy. Not that we have any fabulous plans. But if we're just going to be kicking around it would be nice to have some decent weather. So what is everyone else doing for spring break? What exciting plans do YOU have? If you say you're coming to Wisconsin to visit me you'll make my month! Which reminds me, as it stands it looks like my cousin Karen is going to win the contest. She'll be coming April 11th. Anyone going to try to edge her out? I LOVE having company and I am thrilled that Karen is getting a chance to take a break from her hectic life and come have fun with me. It really made my month-(don't worry, there are 9 more months to be made this year- and if we have to we can break it down to making my weeks!) Anyway- my original point, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the snow is melting- it's a glorious day!

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Jenn-Lee said...

I am so happy the snow is melting for you. It was 74 degrees here yesterday I believe. hmm, not rubbing anything in ..
I am happy you enjoyed my post that was just for you. Yes, it was funny. I also had hard time posting it. When I checked my blog like I always do after I post something to make sure it is right,Daniel was next to me and we were laughing (yes, he was behind this idea as well)and I was like "Nooo! Eww!! It's on my blog!"
I just like my blog to be cute and well, that was hard for me but hey, I knew it would make u laugh and cure your horrid chocolate raid symptoms. So I took one for ya. Love ya girl. I think I'm going to go put a cute photo on now that you found it. :)