Monday, March 17, 2008

So sweet...

Devon just told me that "Julia is my favorite girl. And Kennedy's my favorite girl and Renie is my favorite girl." (He says girl with almost a Scottish brogue) He's such a sweet boy. He always gives me a kiss (lately it's been a long hard smacker with his arms tight around my neck) before he goes in for his bedtime story with Daddy. Then when I come in his room to put Jesse in bed when the story is over, he wants to give me more kisses. I say, "You kissed me already!" And he says, "I need to give you more kisses!" So I go over to his bed and lean over him and he gives me a bunch of soft pecks all over my cheek. I love it. I know the day will come that he won't want to kiss me anymore and his sisters might not be his favorite girls, so I'm trying to soak it up now, stockpile it in my memory. I want to memorize the feeling of his sweaty little boy hand in mine, and his soft kisses on my cheek. I even want to remember how I can always taste his toothpaste on my lips after he gives me his first goodnight kiss! I want to remember what it feels like to have him climb up on my bed and snuggle with me. With 2 younger siblings we're already nearing the end of him sitting on my lap. He likes to sit on my lap during church- as do the other 4- and I try to let him whenever he asks. Of course, Jesse is in a very posessive stage right now and will come from 3 rooms away shrieking and ready for a smackdown if he senses someone else on Mommy's lap. I'm so grateful for my kids and the individuals they are.
Devon just brought me his pirate ship so I could stand the captain on it. (He's very anal about the "Caftain" being attached to the ship in a standing position- I do that about 15 times a day.) He calls the Captain the Caftain and the rest of the "parates" are "maydays" (mateys).

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