Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturdays are no longer our own...

Today marked the first official day of Spring Break and the end of free Saturdays for some time. Devon started soccer today at Lands End. He was so cute with his new soccer ball and the excitement in his eyes.

Julia started dance at Lands End today too. She was nervous to go. A little background- I went to sign Kennedy and Julia up for dance and the class was already full. They put us on a waiting list. In the meantime, the deadline came for registering for soccer on the Dodgeville Recreation team. So since I hadn't heard anything about dance, I went ahead and signed the girls up for soccer and paid the $90 ($50 for the first child, $40 for an additional child). Then Julia told me she didn't want to play soccer in front of a bunch of people. Then I was told that they were going to open another dance class at Lands End for her age group because there had been so much interest. She was excited about that and I really wanted her to do it because she has been so shy about this sort of thing lately. I also really liked the idea of her doing it without Kennedy, just having something of her own to do. So she started talking about her stomach hurting and being nervous this morning. When we got there she stayed pretty close to my side for a few minutes, but she warmed up, as you'll see in the video. So Kennedy starts outdoor soccer in a couple weeks, overlapping with indoor soccer and dance. So from now until the end of the school year, we'll be busy on Saturday mornings. And actually, I've heard that they have week long camps all summer through the community parks department that only cost $10. So we'll probably do some of those- I'm thinking dance, gymnastics, baseball. But it's fun to see them involved in stuff and being active.

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