Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday pictures...

So I spent all day baking for Lincoln's birthday. (Here's where you comment on what a wonderful wife I am.) But really, it shouldn't have taken all day. That just tends to happen with all the distractions of motherhood. Like when Renie pooped in her pull-up before I got it off her this morning, and then somehow managed to get poop all over her clothes and the carpet. But I prevailed and managed to bake 2 pies and 2 loaves of french bread and an apple crisp. The apple crisp happened because I peeled and cut up too many apples. The pies, however, were Lincoln's birthday request instead of cake.

He asked for apple, but since I'm not a huge fan of plain apple pie, I thought I'd make him a traditional apple pie and for myself I'd experiment and come up with my own caramel apple pie. I am very pleased with the results. It may be my new favorite.

For dinner Lincoln requested Stroganoff Sandwich. Back when we were dating, I went to visit him one day at his work. (His Dad's store in the mall). I brought him some leftover stroganoff sandwich my Mom had made. He loved it, and has asked for it for his birthday almost every year since we got married. I changed it a little this time, dicing up the tomatoes and peppers instead of slicing them. It made it easier to eat, and we agreed it looked nice too.


thedietrichs said...

Holy crow Molly!!! You made two pies, two loafs of bread AND and apple crisp with the left over apples!! I am totaly...well, I guess I should just drop down on my knees and start worshiping you! I would have made the one pie thrown away the extra apples. Run around screaming with the poop mess and ended up crying over the burnt pie because I forgot it was in the over while I was running around!! Cheers to you!

Virginia Burnett said...

Apple pie for his birthday? Molly, you DID marry your father.

LOL! Sounds like you guys had a nice day in spite of the um . . . poopie stuff.

jrt said...

35 reasons.................lovely sentiments

Now let's fork over this recipe for Stroganoff Sandwich