Sunday, November 2, 2008

My 200th Post!

That's the title but not what I'm posting for. I just wanted to put up a picture I grabbed from the Waterfall Family blog. They were guests at our Halloween party and got a picture of some of our kiddos in costume. I don't have a picture of Devon in his pirate costume so I copied this from them. (Thanks Amy!) If you remember, Devon was going to be a pirate until he got panicky about putting the costume on without my help at school. I wish you could see the whole thing, he was pretty cute!


Jenn-Lee said...

What an adorable photo! I love pictures taken from the exact angle we see them if we just looked down to them with out bending over. SO cute and real to the moment! I love the pics too because it shows the classic holiday tradition of them all dressed up (thanks to the mommies) and looking up at you bright eyes with love! and a stomach hyper for candy! SO fun!!!!

thedietrichs said...

I have a bunch of pictures from the party, but i'm not sure how to get them to you. Maybe I could have jim put them on a flash drive?? Anyways, you have cute kids. I do have a picture of Rene with her costume on and then...not on!