Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lincoln is 35!

In honor of Lincoln's 35th birthday, 35 Reasons I Love Him:
1. Is a Fantastic Dad
2. Makes me laugh
3. Goes to work every day so I don't have to
4. He likes to see new things
5. Compliments my cooking
6. Bathes the children
7. Loves my family
8. Is a very good writer
9. Enjoys dancing
10. Mows the grass (I haven't mowed grass since I've been married)
11. Changes diapers
12. Even changes the DOG'S diapers
13. Goes on dates with the kids
14. Enjoys hosting parties
15. Encourages me to go to Girls' Night Out
16. Reads to the kids
17. Encourages me to develop my talents
18. Loves to travel
19. Watches chick flicks with me (and gives them a fair shot without complaint)
20. Sends me to the beach every year with my girlfriends for Mother's Day
21. Loves to dream and scheme with me
22. Cleans for me when I'm feeling overwhelmed
23. Is clever and witty
24. Plays board games with the kids
25. Seems to actually enjoy spending time with me
26. Loves me in spite of my faults
27. Can do a hand spin
28. Supports all my home improvement/craft projects
29. Plays hide and seek
30. Tells me I'm hot
31. Watches the kids while I exercise
32. Married me and has stuck with it 10 years so far
33. Looks for ways to make me happy
34. Noticed me when he was always surrounded by cute girls
35. Has a very sensitive side not often seen by others

I love you sweetie! I hope you're having a fantastic day!

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Longhurst Family said...

What a cute idea. Wayne's 31st b-day is coming up in 2 1/2 weeks, so I will not have to think of as many sweet things. :) I could though. :) We sure miss you guys.