Monday, January 26, 2009

Fantasy, Reality

What I envision homeschooling to be like:

I'd love to turn my back on the system, the homework, the unsavory influences. To have the world be our classroom as I help my children explore and learn.

Unfortunately this is how I feel when I help them with homework:

Curse that long division. I have no patience to help them learn a new concept. I just want them to get it already! So I guess I'll keep sending them to the folks who are trained and experienced in the field. But I feel like I'm letting them down.


Virginia Burnett said...

Don't stress. Homeschool for real people doesn't look like that every day. rust me - I know! You are only letting your kids down if they hate the system, are not learning at a reasonable rate and/or are struggling with the social environment. All of which were true when we pulled MB out of school.

There are lots of things that Molly Bryn is missing out on because she is not in school and we don't have a good, accessible homeschooling network here. If I had another car, twenty extra hours every day, 10,000 extra dollars each year and lived in a city - it might be different. As it is homeschooling is the better option, compared to the climate and services at school.

Jenn-Lee said...

Thanks for your comment Molly. I left a comment in reply right after yours. I sometimes look like that picture and sometimes look like the other one. Sorry about that long division. Ugh. Homework time for kids after they have been at school all day is not fun. Hope it gets better.I am sure you are doing better then you think. :)

Me The Domestic Goddess said...

I've thought about home schooling my kids too Molly, but there is something to be learned with living in the world but not of the world. So, I don't think you are letting your children down.
Hey, I made it through with minimal damage... right?
*chirping crickets*

Jenn-Lee said...

You are so kind Molly. I think that idea sounds like so much fun! You guys are so awesome at thinking up creative parties. I just wish I lived closer!ps. I don't think San Diego will happen for me. I am so bummed. So sorry.