Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kids on Ice

Saturday night into Sunday morning we got freezing rain here. Church was cancelled on Sunday and school was delayed 2 hours on Monday as a result. I walked Devon out to the bus yesterday, slipping and sliding the whole way. It's a beautiful, glistening coat of ice. Even over the snow it's smooth and glassy, not just a crispy crust. I love the effect at night when folks turn on their Christmas lights and they reflect off the snow like they would water. If I had ice skates I could skate in my driveway, along my sidewalk, probably even over the snow. I tried to break through the ice on the snow to get traction and that didn't work, I just slid along the top. Sunday afternoon the kids played outside in the neighbor's driveway. It was a perfect sheet of smooth ice with a nice incline- just right for sliding down. They would lay at the top of the driveway and just gently glide to the bottom. Anyway, here are some photos.


Jenn-Lee said...

wow. that's a lot of ice. We havn't seen anything like ice here. I am not sure where winter went? Cute pics!!Looks like fun! Happy new year!

thedietrichs said...

Water, water! I love all forms of water! I do have a quiestion though, what was the note that Kennedy left for Santa?

Molly said...

How will I ever know?