Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday Fun...

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Lincoln has worked long hours since New Years. With lots of changes taking place in his department things have been incredibly busy. So other than Thursday when he got out right at 5pm so I could go take a snowboarding lesson, he's been arriving home after 7, and usually after 7:30 for a few weeks now. Because of this, on Saturday he was ready to take off, get out of Dodgeville, and have some fun. Let me stop here to say that despite our love of Dodgeville, winter can get a bit cabin-feverish around here. There are a multitude of outdoor recreational activities to participate in here when it is warm. And, admittedly, there are quite a few winter activities as well. However, this winter has been remarkably cold. A lot of sub-zero and single digit type stuff. This is not ideal for family sledding or skating outings. And since we live in Dodgeville, there are not a lot of indoor activities to participate in either. So if the weather is too nasty for driving to Madison, you're stuck in the house quite often on a Saturday. So add that frustration to the long hours at work and you'll begin to understand how desperate Lincoln was feeling to get out of here.
Saturday morning I took the big girls to dance class and I ran on the treadmill to get in some of my hit or miss exercise. We went home, I showered, we cashed a check, and headed to Madison. We took the kids to Ella's Deli for lunch. This is such a fun place. We've gone here before and it is just such a fun event. It's like going to Chuck E Cheese only less cheesy and better food. And you don't pay for the entertainment. The kids just look around constantly, spotting new things to look at. It's hard to describe, so I'll just show you a bunch of pictures!

Behind the glass in that castle is an old west scene with a covered wagon racing around and around the town. There is a joystick on the outside which does not control it, but my kids think it does.

All of the tables are shadow boxes. Each has a different theme. One table has little airplanes that "fly" around in it.

If you click on this you can see it better. It says This Little Piggy. The feet move back and forth.

The ice cream counter and a giant banana.

Most of the things hanging from the ceiling are animated in some way. Most of them are on wire cables and they just glide back and forth along their cables- superman, spiderman, Bart Simpson, airplanes, a bumblebee, it goes on and on.

Devon enjoying a fried pickle.

There is also a carousel outside that runs in the summer. This is another place we love to take people when they come to visit. So add it to your budget when you come.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Okay, put it on our next-visit list. Looks very cool.

Me The Domestic Goddess said...

I have never even hear of the place. I will have to get the info from you. Oh and the mother's day trip- I'm in!!

Virginia Burnett said...

This is one way that our families are very different - we are thrilled to have a Saturday where we do not HAVE to go out and do something and can just stay home together! I think all these years with one or both of us being in big leadership callings have turned us into a couple of Scrooges when it comes to spending time outside our own home. :) (Can you tell I'm at the end of my rope, here?)