Saturday, January 31, 2009

February Eve...

That's right. Tomorrow is the first of February. Never have I looked forward to February as much as I am this year. January has been long and ridiculously cold. And hey, only 2 more months of winter now! Actually, January is going out with a bang- it was 38 degrees here today! Sunny and melting. Not much of a January thaw, but I'll take it.
We had a busy day today. The girls had dance class this morning, then they participated in a cheerleading clinic at the high school until 3 pm. Devon and Renie went to a birthday party from 2-3. I spent all day in the kitchen making this:

Then this evening we celebrated Jesse's 2nd birthday. Can you believe my baby is 2? Where does the time go? He continues to be a happy, smiley little boy. He currently repeats everything that the people around him say, especially his brother and sisters. He loves to eat Life cereal for breakfast and bagels with cream cheese for lunch with a side of yogurt. He is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine (hence the Thomas themed birthday). He loves to play with Thomas in any form- book, movie, train set-and takes a Thomas book to bed with him every night. He loves to be silly and run around in circles. He has discovered a new world of mischief by pushing a bar stool to the counter and climbing onto the countertops. He can reach anything and everything and can't be left alone for a minute or else that's where he goes. He is becoming increasingly independent but still takes Mama snuggles. I am so in love with this sweet boy and his cuteness and am so grateful he joined our family!

We enjoyed a birthday dinner of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. MMMmmm...

Bring on the cake and ice cream!

Not too sure about the whole candle-blowing thing.

Every gift he received was train related. It just didn't make sense to get him anything else, since that is his current passion. He got a Thomas DVD, a Thomas book (bonus: it plays music when you push the buttons! He *LOVED* it!), Harold the Helicopter and his hangar to add to the train set, and a train shirt.

His actual birthday is tomorrow and I'm hoping to post a few more pictures then. Happy February Eve everyone!


merathon said...

are you kidding me with that cake, molly? WHAT??? that is amazing-- seriously. wow.

Debbi's Place said...

Molly what a great cake !!! My Grandson Conner also lives for Thomas and Grandmas floors are covered with tracks hehehe. But that cake is unbelievable. You are a great Mom.

Audrey said...

man, i can't believe he's 2!!! happy birthday! your cake rocks by the way. i made a cake too this week-end, attempted to make a princess castle cake :0) i soon found out that my talent in this area is making others feel great about their cake deco. :0)

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

molly, your cake blows all my cute little homemade cake attempts out of the water! You rock, girl.