Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The kids came home from school today with the following note:

School Cancelled for Thursday, January 15

The National Weather Service has issued a "wind chill warning" for our area for Wednesday night to Friday morning. Air temperature is expected to be the coldest observed over southern Wisconsin in 13 years with dangerous wind chill values of 35 to 45 below.

So there is a good chance we won't have school on Friday as well. If we don't have school Friday we will have used all our allotted snow days and any cancellation after that will have to be made up at the end of the school year, beginning June 8th.

I'm thinking it's about time for a tropical vacation.

Today I went into Devon's classroom for another playdate. He did several puzzles and we had fun making patterns with these building cubes.

We are going on Saturday to look at the house in Mineral Point.

And we have made the decision not to purchase the farm next to my parents. That wound is rather fresh and I don't want to talk about it. I hate being responsible.

I have decided to experiment with a bunch of bread recipes I have and have never tried. Here's the first one:

It was delicious. I made it to go with dinner on Monday night. I made couscous, frozen beans from our garden, and broiled lemon herb tilapia. If you know me well, you know that I DO NOT EAT FISH. In fact, when I came home from grocery shopping with tilapia fillets, my husband about fell over from the shock. He told me he wouldn't have been more surprised if I had come home with beer. But I figured I needed to give it a try. It's kind of like overcoming a fear. I made the bread so that I would be sure to have SOMEthing I loved in case the tilapia was just too much for me. You know, it wasn't bad. There was only a slight fishy aftertaste, hardly discernible. My throat still closed up involuntarily with the gag reflex from time to time, but it wasn' t from the taste or even the texture, it was just a mental thing. But I can do it again. I will overcome my fear of eating fish.


Virginia Burnett said...

Tropical vacation? I'm in. I am wearing mt hat indoors.

I have a wonderful fish recipe I'll share with you next week. It is barely fishy and very light - uses lots of fresh veggies.

Hooray for mineral point! I'll pray that you get to live in a beautiful house that makes up for your other decision. :(

Erin said...

yikes! good luck with the cold weather.
that bread look a m a z i n g ! please share the recipe.
i wish i was going with you to look at that house. what a gorgeous old house.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I'm with you on the fish thing, but I have been able to do tilapia if I bake it with some kind of sweet sauce/jelly on it.

And your bread looks divine.

Jenn-Lee said...

I just bought a bread book, and saw one just like yours! Beautiful! I too didn't eat fish until after married to Daniel. he went on a deep sea fishing trip and packed our freezer full. I felt like I might be struck down if I didn't atleast try it to be thankful for the abundance we had. not my favorite but doable depending on the fish. Good Job! :)

Me The Domestic Goddess said...

I wish every decison was easy and after making it you JUST KNEW it was the right one.
Your bread is always wonderful and the picture of it looks like it came out of a cook book.
And good for you, braving the waters and trying fish. If you find something good let me know.Fish has always seemed "fishy" to me.

merathon said...

that is an actual picture of YOUR bread? it looks cookbook worthy! nice work! i LOVE homemade bread-- it almost doesn't even matter what kind it is!