Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve

Wednesday night we went to a fun party at our friends the Howell's. It was chaotic, (think 30 kids), but we got to play lots of games and eat a ton of good food. Jeff Howell even cooked a big ol' turkey in a dutch oven on the driveway. All of our kids but Jesse made it to midnight.
Before we moved here I was very worried about leaving all my friends in NC to come to a small town. I thought it would be the end of Girls' Night Out and couples we had stuff in common with. I feel so lucky to find that even though we're in a very small town, there are lots of families at the exact same place in life as us. Great down to earth people who have similar interests and like to have fun. And they all live within about a 2 mile radius. What a blessing!

Notice the time. I've captured the final minutes of 2008.

Jeff had just set off a popper- that explains the funny expression on his face. Notice the casing is still smoking.

A small group of the hordes of kids.

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