Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ethnic Luncheon

On Wednesday, the fourth grade had an Ethnic Luncheon. Each student had done a project a few weeks ago about their ethnic background. The guidelines were pretty broad. They had to research their background and family tree a bit to discover where their ancestors had come from. Then they were to do a project about that ethnic background. They could tell about their ancestors' immigration, they could tell about the country they came from, basically whatever they wanted to do about the country they had from. Since the majority of our ancestors are French, Kennedy went with France. Since she is 10 and already waaaay too interested in fashion, she decided to do her project on French fashions through the years. She did a report on the influence France has had on fashion through the years and she displayed a small collage of fashions from the 1800s, the mid-1900s and today.

Since all the parents were coming in for the event, they also displayed their science projects. Kennedy's project is swirled milk. You put room temperature whole milk in a shallow dish and put a drop of food coloring in each corner. Then you put a drop of dish soap in the center of the dish. The dish soap breaks down the fat in the milk molecules, changing the surface tension of the milk. This creates little currents in the milk. The food coloring shows the movement of the milk, swirling about and creating designs.

For the luncheon part of the event, each family was supposed to bring in a dish from the ethnic background the kids did their report on. Since Kennedy did France, I made crepes. It was my first time making them and they were alright. They looked nice, but I thought they were a bit egg-y for my taste. Here's Kennedy biting into hers. I brought cut up strawberries, powdered sugar, and whipped cream to eat on them.

It was a fun afternoon with Kennedy. It's always nice to get a little one on one- or two on one- time with one of the kids. It's also fun to see them in their other life at school. They spend so much time there, being their own person, without Mom and Dad looking over their shoulders. I hope we've properly prepared them! The kids too.

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