Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Lovely Afternoon...

Yesterday was miserable. It was cold and windy. When I say windy, I mean I started to get an earache when I worked outside for half an hour. It was sunny, so it looked great outside. Then you'd get out there and realize you'd been duped. I refused to go to soccer games in the morning. It really sounded like torture out in the wind with kids trying to stay warm. So Lincoln suffered at the soccer fields alone. Kennedy had a birthday party to attend, and Lincoln went to help some people from church move. There were actually two moves that day. I brought dinner to the other folks who were moving. Lincoln was gone from 12:30 to almost 8:30. We felt like we were able to do some nice service for people, but we certainly didn't see much of each other or get to have a leisurely Saturday.

That's why today seemed extra lovely. The weather was perfect- sunny, low sixties, no wind. After church we hurried home, changed our clothes, ate a quick lunch, then drove about 45 minutes to a county park where we met our friends the Sorensens for a short but pleasant visit. We've known the Sorensens for 8 years now, and I've known Stephanie for 13 years. I met her when i was serving a mission in Atlanta, GA. We both happened to move to the Charlotte area with our spouses in the early '00s and attended church in the same ward for several years. Since then we have both moved north and live about 5 hours from each other. They are fantastic people and a lovely family and we always enjoy our time with them.

The sky was blindingly blue, the grass dazzlingly green, and the dandelions delicious pops of vibrant yellow as we sat by a lake and visited and the children waded in the water and wallowed in the sand.

Thanks guys, for taking the time to meet up with us. It was great seeing you, as always!

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Audrey said...

looks like a nice afternoon, wish we were closer and could have joined in :0)