Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The ONE.

So I know you've all played along with me on my real estate journey of late. Some of you may be sick of this game. I never seem to tire of it. But I see an end. I have finally found THE HOUSE. This is the one, baby. The one I ache for. I want to live here so badly it hurts. It is exactly what I've been looking for. It is unique. It is in a fantastic location. It has lots of land.

It is secluded. It has a barn. (Back there by the silo. The house is the log cabin-looking structure.)

Seriously, it comes on forty acres. 20 acres of pasture/house/yard/barn, 20 tillable.

The house has a huge stone fireplace.

(Doesn't he look right at home there!?)
The land is rolling hills with views of a pond.

(I know you can't actually see the pond here, I'm not sure where that picture ended up)
There are lilac bushes.

There are mature trees around the house. There are decks and a patio. The great room has a whole wall of windows and doors. The kitchen and dining areas are tiled.

The laundry room has a utility sink, counter tops and cabinets. Oh- and a laundry chute.

There is a nook at the top of the stairs overlooking the great room. It has computer connections and a skylight.

The basement family room even has a stone fireplace. (The basement needs finishing- but no walls to build. Just finish it. Recessed lights are even already there)

There's a rhubarb patch, for crying out loud.

There's a purple room for the girls.

A blue room for the boys.

And a beautiful room with huge windows (and the laundry chute!) for the oldest.

The problem is, because it is bank-owned, we can not make a contingent offer. We just have to sell our house first and hope it is still available.

So my house is officially for sale.

Any takers?!


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

oooh, it's pretty awesome. How does one MOW that much land? And what in heaven's name would you till? But the house is very, very cool. Good luck!!! (p.s. I'll send you an email tonight.)

Debbi's Place said...

Wow Molly I want to buy it too !!! I will pray for quick sale of your house hehehehe!!!!

Jenn-Lee said...

So awesome! I hope you get it.I love the land and the fireplace! There seems to be amazing homes and land up there! You should get your real estate license so you could make some mulah from all your fun searching. :)

Thanks for the Birthday wishes. It was great to hear from you. I hope you are having a great day.

merathon said...

OH molly-- i hope that some family will look at YOUR house and know it is the one for them so you can get this one!