Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Perfect Sunday Afternoon...

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous here, so we decided to take a walk out at the state park. I'm so grateful to have the park so close. It is perfect for our young family- well-groomed, easy to follow trails with different options for length and difficulty. It's not exactly back-country hiking, but it's ideal for a Sunday afternoon stroll or a slightly more strenuous Saturday family hike.

The grass is currently a striking emerald green and dandelions are plentiful. The photo below was taken just as Lincoln and the kids spotted a very large snake. I wouldn't know. I quickly headed for high ground.

Once again we have begun the time of year that renews my spirit and reminds me why southwestern Wisconsin is such a great place to live.

I am so grateful for dandelions (at the park- a curse be on all the ones in my garden!), warm sun, green grass, thunderstorms, daffodils, lilacs, freshly turned soil, new leaves, bare feet, picnics, barbecues, fireworks, swimming, lakes, blue skies, vacation, family.

Jesse is a great hiker. He walked most of the way and just caught a ride at the very end. I think we are going to try an 8 mile hike as a family. We'll take a Saturday morning, head out to the state park, hike 4 miles, eat a picnic lunch, and then hike the rest of the loop. Or maybe we'll start with 5 and see how that goes.

We came upon this section of the trail where the forest floor was dazzlingly green.

Looking out at the lake.

Stairway to Heaven? Just to the top of the dam holding back the man-made lake.

The stream that leads away from the lake runs under this bridge and tumbles and cascades down the rocks and becomes a slow-moving brook at the bottom.


Audrey said...

wow, it's gorgeous!

Erin said...

beautiful pictures!

Virginia Burnett said...

Maxx loves seeing pics of his cousins and his Aunt Molly. He still insists that you are 1st choice for future bride!

Miss you.:)

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

So pretty. Can I save myself 10 minutes and just say I've read all your recent posts and loved them. Pictures of Renie were beautiful. I'm very behind on blog reading. I'll get full-force again soon. :)