Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aahhh, Indian Summer...

For a while there we were thinking we were just going to plunge straight from unbelievably hot weather to need a jacket and do we have to turn on the heat weather. But Indian Summer has arrived. Two solid weeks of mid-seventies and sunshine.

This weekend Lincoln went to the North Woods of Wisconsin on a fishing trip with 3 other guys. They left midday on Friday and will return late tonight. That left me with a whole Saturday to fill with entertainment for my kids. Who am I kidding, I'm not that kind of Mom. They played with their friends all morning while I did some cleaning (the dreaded mopping) and then at lunchtime we went to the State Park for a picnic

and some chill time at the lake. We really tried to soak up enough sun to get us through the long Wisconsin winter, but I think that's a lost cause.

As I stood on the beach in my dandy Lands End beach trekkers and watched the kids frolicking, I absentmindedly slipped off my shoes and stepped into the sand. It really struck me at that moment that sand on the feet is incredibly therapeutic. It just felt scrumptious. Cool, soft, forgiving. I've always preferred to be bare foot, and this was exactly what I needed.

No squeamish girls here. Mud? Sure. Icky green sludge at the edge of the lake? Delightful. Seaweed? Perfect for accessorizing!

I love to watch them run into the lake.

Why yes! That IS a seaweed crown, thanks for asking.

Kennedy's seaweed hula skirt.

I LOVE this picture!

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Jenn-Lee said...

wow!That last pic is so cute. 5x7 in a a matted frame I think fits it best! On your wall! Ok, I stopped by because you are my friend, I love your stories, your writing skills(ok..just say It once out loud "I got skills")
I found out about a great publication that i have been working on submitting my writing to and then I started thinking you would really enjoy it too!! They are having there 2008 contest right now , deadline Dec 31st. Its a publication quarterly of LDS women writers! How cool is that? So go on girl. get writing and let me see your work in it one day! Maybe we both can get published in the same issue! :)

just copy and paste and the link should be good,
Have a great day a I bet that sand made you miss NC beaches!?!