Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Regarding My Last Post...

Just a couple things.
Yes Ginny, there are 2 things I get worked up about at night as I'm trying to fall asleep. One being these clots lurking in my leg when I experience any pain- and even that didn't freak me out too much until I went off the blood thinners and the other is my kids. You know when you suddenly think, "I wonder if I should go check on the baby." Then you start the cycle I mentioned of wondering if it was a prompting or just a thought and then the argument in your mind of whether peeking will wake the baby or not. But I learned a few babies ago to just get up and go and have the peace of mind.

And the other thing is that everyone should know that my husband is a completely different man when he's awakened. He would, of course, be willing to do whatever I needed at any time, but only after he was awake enough to be coherent. His initial reaction would be irritation but once he came to he'd be fine.

And also, my reluctance in general to ask my husband for a blessing is simply a shortcoming of my own. It is not based on anything he has said or done, I've just always felt like I was inconveniencing people or overreacting if I asked them to do this. Any Priesthood leader. I think that is a fairly common issue women in the church have. Maybe not. Anyone?

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jessica, jessie, or jessi said...

I had to think about this for a moment because it seems I'm mostly asking Justin to do a blessing for one of the boys.. :) I think my problem is not that I'm reluctant to ask for a blessing, but that if it's for me I just don't think about it. Must be a self-sacrificing 'mommy' thing? I think most mom's in general are much more concerned about their kiddos than they are about themselves.