Sunday, September 7, 2008

NY Vacation Part III- More Fun Stuff

So we didn't spend ALL of our time on the farm. We ventured out to do other fun stuff like climb Azure Mtn., swim in the river, and visit Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Marshall.

On Azure Mountain- It's a tradition to climb up on the big rock to have a group photo taken.

Here we are. We climbed with my brother Bryan and his family, as well as my cousin Karen and her kids and my niece Lauren. I remember as a kid worrying that the rock would roll off the mountain while we were on it. I wonder if my kids were thinking about that. Probably Devon was because he refused to get up there with us.

We sat here on the edge of the mountain looking out at the beautiful scenery while we ate lunch.

Even Jesse is impressed by the view.

My brother Jonathan and my sister Chrissy came with me one evening to bring the kids to the river. Here Jonathan is showing them a thing or two about skipping stones.

Chrissy was not fond of trying to swim in the current, she panicked when she tried to swim and was swept downstream. Jonathan and I kept saying, "Just stand up! The water is only knee deep!" But she just didn't like it. So I found her a submerged rock to sit on and she layed in the water with her bottom securely planted on it.

We did lots of just standing around. My kids are not too sure of the whole current thing either, and I couldn't help them much because I couldn't leave Jesse who was contentedly wading at the edge.

I think Devon is excited here about Uncle Jonathan's superb rock throwing skills.

Renie enjoying the flow.

The kids with Grandma Brenda

We spent a fun day at Grandma's coloring...

playing ball...

making bubbles.

Another favorite activity is piling into the back of Grandpa's truck and riding up the dirt road to Old Baldy. Kennedy and Truman in the back of the truck.

Kennedy having a bumpy blast.

Some of the truck ride participants.

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Jenn-Lee said...

Your NY trip was so special for you guys! I am so happy you were able to go. It looks so beautiful there. You are giving your kids so many great memories and experiences. The mountian views are amazing. The river sounds fun! I have never swam in a river before. I went tubeing once at girls camp but I was 12 and scared Id get carried away too and so they tied my tube to a leaders. Thats funny,...So I probably would have been the rock butt planting gal. Thanks for sharing wonderful posts!!