Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Lovin' It...

I am SOOOO enjoying my garden. While I was away on vacation the Better Boy tomatoes started coming. Can I just say they are absolutely fantastic?! The Roma's, which I had started getting before I left, I planted because they are great for canning and cooking. But the Better Boys taste unbelievable. I dare say my family is sick of hearing my moans of ecstasy while I'm eating them but I just can't help myself. I'm getting green beans regularly now and lots of cucumbers. While I was in NY Lincoln made some dill pickles and when I got back I canned a small batch of salsa. We'll do more pickles and hopefully can some beans. I might try a small batch of spaghetti sauce as well. I am truly enjoying this and making plans for garden expansion next year!


Virginia Burnett said...

Hooray for you! I'm so sad that my garden got away from me this year - but me weeds are SO impressive!

When you consider expanding, I can definitely recommend these French Intensive Double Dug beds we put in. I cannot imagine how I would be dealing with the harvest if we had actually tended them properly. Last night I got enough potatoes for everyone to eat at dinner plus enough left over for a big salad for tonight from two potato plants totally choked with weeds. I was amazed. Two whole meals from one little potato cut in half and stuck in the dirt and horse poop for a few months!

Longhurst Family said...

That is awesome, Molly. You must have better dirt up there. You know how we don't have dirt here. :)
I can't keep the deers out of my tomatoes. Oh, well! I guess they are hungry too.
We miss you guys!
I can't believe Devon is going to school. How time flies!