Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Pictures

So while I was in NY I asked my brother Derek, who has a knack for photography, to take some shots of me and the kids. This proved a very difficult undertaking. For starters, the one day we had was super sunny and really too bright for portraits. But mostly, getting all five kids to cooperate at the same time proved impossible. He gamely pressed on snapping photos of my herd of cats. In the end, I proved to be the least photogenic, though I'm sure no one is shocked by that. In my defense, i think I was spending most of my time telling kids to Come here! Sit still! Look at the camera! Stop crying! Please come join us!
This is why I don't pay to have portraits done.

Despite all of this he managed to come up with some beautiful shots.


ERIN said...

you look like a model in these photos Molly. I serious thought the top one was an ad when I first glanced at it!
your brother did a great job on all the shots.

PackMen and Me said...

OH my, these are GREAT! HOw can you look BETTER as you get older? You are so beautiful! I love how each picture shows the kids personality! THey are all so adorable! Come back!:)

Audrey said...

what a beautiful family. :0)

Jenn-Lee said...

Wow. Those pics made my eyes sweat a little. Amazing!! Your kids will seriously cherish those pics forever. He really captured how beautiful you are and how beautiful your family is! My favorites are #1,#4,of you with the kids. Kennedy looks so grown up. She looks like you! Special pics and thank you for sharing them. Now I need to go up to NY to have my pics with my little ones.. I have been aching for family pics like these for a while. Just haven't found anyone I like in our price point yet. :( You better be off to blow these up and matte them up on the wall girl!!!