Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yesterday Devon was grumpy from the time he rolled out of bed. I thought it was lucky that Wednesday is his day off because he was obviously tired out and needed the break. He didn't want to get dressed, turned down everything I offered him for breakfast with a scowl, (him scowling, not me. Well, maybe both of us.), and looked for opportunities to annoy his brother and sister. Then at 11:00 when we were eating lunch he said, "These pretzels are making my ear hurt!" Things went rapidly down hill from there. The ear pain got worse so I gave him Motrin. That helped for a while but by 1:30 he was crying again. I called the Lands' End clinic that we use and was told that they didn't have a provider in that day. I was disappointed to have to go to a different Dr., but called the off site office and scheduled an appointment for 20 minutes later. We rushed off, dropping the little ones with my friend Kym who, by the way, is a saint. We didn't have to wait long at all and we were soon in the exam room waiting for the doctor to come in. What follows is our conversation as we waited.

Devon: Is it gonna be a boy doctor or a girl doctor?
Me: I think they said it will be a girl doctor. Which do you like better?
Devon: I like boy doctors better.
Me: Well I bet she's going to be really nice. You'll like her.
Devon: No I'm allergic to girls.
Me: Really? All girls?
Devon. Yup, all girls. Except you.
Me: Oh good. What about pretty girls?
Devon: Yup. But you're one of those but I'm not allergic to you.

How sweet is that?

Incidentally, I mentioned it to the doctor and she assured me it's an allergy he will grow out of.

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Virginia Burnett said...

LOL! Allergic to girls? You bet he'll grow out of it!

Now if only Maxx would grow out his school buss allergy. Everytime he sees it or even thinks about it, his eyes start getting swollen and red. He tears up and his nose starts to run. I think it's psychosomatic.