Sunday, September 7, 2008

NY Vacation Part IV- Portraits

There are six kids in my family. I am number 4 followed three years later by my Down Syndrome sister, Chrissy. Chrissy and I have always been close. She is moody, to be sure, but also overflowing with love, a wonderful sense of humor, and a tender spirit that is so touched whenever she has most or all of her family nearby. She remembers every one's birthday, which makes it hard to begrudge her the birthday event she expects for herself every year. She loves to give presents and take people out to dinner. She is sweet and funny and fun-loving and I always look forward to our time together. When I was home she came outside one chilly day wearing a hooded shawl. I loved her in it and started snapping photos of her. This turned into a major photo shoot. She loved having her picture taken...

and we walked around the farm taking one after another. Here are a few of my faves.

I also took a couple snapshots of my brother Derek and his son. He waited a long time to be a father and I love to see him with his beautiful roly-poly little man.

Derek tried everything he could think of to get Stillman to smile for me. This little smirk was the best I got.


McKeehan's said...

I love the name Stillman - and it doesn't look like he came out looking so much like Sofia did he?

Jenn-Lee said...

Hey Molly! I have been such a bloggin stranger lately ! I have stopped by but I just havn't commented and I am so sorry. I think my life is getting back to normal. I LOVE these pics!!Chrissy is so cute. She really loved that! You take great pictures and I am sure you mother will want to frame these! They are adorable! Your brothers pics are really special too. Greta pics! Thanks for shareing!!